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How to Open INF Files

Repair INF File Associations and INF File Extension Related Errors

Description: On some computers, double clicking on a INF file may result in file extension errors, preventing users from opening INF files.

Recommended Fix: Run our official file extension repair tool to immediately fix INF file extension errors and open INF files.

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Details: File Extension Repair Tool Download & Instructions

File Name: File_Repair_Setup.exe
Version: 2.1.3
Last Updated: September 18, 2014
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Download Size: 2.8MB
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Note: Although this tool is recommended for INF file errors.
It may detect and repair additional errors on your computer.

Common Symptoms of INF File Extension Errors

Upon attempting to open a INF file, users may prevented from opening the file and be presented with the following error message:


What Causes INF File Extension Errors?

Missing Software

A computer with incomplete software packages may not be able to open INF files. The INF software required may have mistakenly been uninstalled or never been installed at all.

Registry Errors

The windows registry stores file associates between various file extension and the programs needed to open them. If these registry keys are corrupt or missing, your PC may not be able to find the correct software package to open your file, even if it's installed.

File Extension Repair Tool completely resolves both of the above errors.

Whether you're unable to open a INF files because your missing the required software, the error is result of a corrupt registry, our utility will fix the problem, allowing you to open INF files.

System Requirements:

- Microsoft Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, 98SE
- 15 MB free hard disk space are needed for the initial installation
- 128 MB RAM

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